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October 2-4, 2018 | Minneapolis Convention Center | Minneapolis, MN

If You Go Digital, Merchandising Will Come

Date and Time: 
Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 1:00pm to 1:45pm
Digital Solutions

We have finally reached the point where marketers can use digital coupons as an alternative to print to drive trips and profitable volume. However, brand managers and CPG sales professionals continue to invest in newspaper FSI coupons – they say they need it for merchandising support or to “match” last year’s volume. While nearly every element within a brand’s marketing mix has migrated to more efficient solutions, promotion strategy has dramatically lagged. In most cases, it has not changed at all even though the FSI no longer drives profitable volume. The time for change is now. In this session, you will discover that digital promotions not only deliver better volume than FSIs but also offer targeting and efficiencies that can only come from a digital format. The days of coupons being a “necessary evil” are over. In this session, attendees will:

  • Understand how retailers paved the way for the digital promotion revolution.
  • Learn how retailer purchase data is enabling smarter promotions that lead to CPG ROI efficiencies and higher trial, incremental purchase and basket sizes.
  • Understand how CPGs meet their financial goals by investing in digital and breaking free from FSIs.
Chad Summe
David Johnson

Speaking at this Session

David Johnson

David Johnson

VP of Shopper Marketing
Quotient Technology

David Johnson started his CPG career with Procter & Gamble in 2010 in brand management on the Duracell brand. He was integral in creating a digital footprint for the billion-dollar brand, moving the marketing mix from being heavily traditional to digitally focused. Johnson has been recognized with many industry awards behind the creation of Duracell’s “Power Forward” disaster relief platform and Millennial-focused “Trust Your Power” digital content platform. Johnson also led shopper marketing on the P&G Walmart customer team, contributing to multiple top-tier item launches with Walmart on Gillette, Always Discreet and Metamucil. He leads Quotient’s shopper marketing organization, which links CPG companies and retailers to drive efficient and significant volume growth at retailers throughout the U.S.

Chad Summe

Chad Summe

VP & General Manager, U.S. Sales
Quotient Technology Inc.

Chad Summe leads sales and oversees brand partnerships across Quotient’s CPG business. He joined the company in 2012 and was previously VP of the central division, spearheading the company’s expansion in Cincinnati. Prior to joining Quotient, Summe spent time as a marketing executive in Procter & Gamble’s baby care division working on both the Pampers and Luvs brands. During his time on Pampers, P&G’s largest global brand, he helped drive brand strategy across multiple regions, including North America, Europe and Asia. Summe graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a bachelor’s in economics (honors) and holds an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.